Inform and Convert Fixed Ops Digital Customers​
Enhance your customers’ online journey! Learn how to improve organic search rankings, optimize SEO landing pages, and get more conversions. Educate your online visitors and turn those visitors into leads with these fixed ops digital resources.

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Are You Losing Your Fixed Ops Digital Customers?

95% of automotive shoppers use a digital source to find vehicles and service. This number has increased significantly in the last few years with more fixed ops digital customers relying on organic SEO, social media and video marketing to make car purchase and service decisions.

When was the last time you looked at your customer journey?

A customer journey begins during the search engine process when the customer searches for a service, make, brand, etc. in a specific location. 76% of new and used car shoppers turn to search engines to find the vehicle they are looking for before making a purchasing decision. And, most dealerships are aware that those customers who purchase vehicles at the dealership will most often return to the same dealership for service and maintenance. 

Depending on the content of the consumers’ search, your dealership and brand should easily appear in #1 or #2 positions on Google after paid advertising. If you’re not currently seeing your dealership’s position at #1 or #2, download the guidebook on Google My Business for Fixed Operations to see how simple it is to accomplish first-page organic search ranking (especially if you’re paying a vendor to do this for you). 

When was the last time you looked at your customer journey?
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online consumers are on the web to watch videos
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automotive shoppers use search engines to make a purchasing decision
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growth in video watch time in the last two years

SEO-Optimized Landing Pages

SEO-Optimized Landing Pages​

SEO optimized landing pages are part of your overall digital marketing strategy. At FixedOPS Marketing, we understand how developing a digital marketing strategy can be too cumbersome and complex for many busy Fixed Ops Directors, which is why your service marketing solution should be doing the vast majority of this work for you. 

Regardless, it’s important to be aware of the significance of optimizing your SEO landing pages. With a complete service marketing solution, your organic search results should easily appear in #1 or #2 positions in search engines like Google. 

If you’re currently in the market for a fixed ops service marketing solution, use the Facts About Service Marketing + Product Comparison guide to easily compare service providers.

Inform and Convert Fixed Ops Digital Customers

Once a potential customer is lucky enough to land on your service website, what happens next? Do you put your customers in a position to easily get in contact with you, and inquire about service or pricing? In what ways do you enable the customer to make contact both on mobile and desktop devices? How does your service website appear on mobile devices? How are you educating your customers on each service? 

Inform and Convert Fixed Ops Digital Customers​

Web traffic is important to your business, but not as important as leads or conversions. It’s important to ask yourself: Are customers finding the information they are looking for directly on your service website? If customers have questions, what options do you give them to get answers? For a more in-depth look at KPIs and conversions, check out the downloadable guide KPI Benchmarks for Efficiency and Productivity in Fixed Operations

With 33% of automotive research being done on mobile devices, it’s important to look at how your customers convert and how they’d prefer to convert. If you only offer your online customers the ability to call the dealership, perhaps it’s time to cater to more than one customer-type. Different customers of various demographics and backgrounds prefer to convert in different ways, including text, email, phone, form field, or old fashion print and bring in. 

Arguably most important is video marketing. Fixed operations doesn’t always do a great job in educating the customer on the value of specific services. With over 80% of online consumers going on the web to simply consume video content, we made the decision to offer custom, automated, dealership-branded service content available to our service customers. Video watch time alone has grown over 65% in the last two years, which is why we’ve created a library of over 150 service-specific videos that Fixed Ops Managers can pull and customize at any time to distribute automatically to their social media and YouTube channels.

Although this is a very simplified breakdown of where you can start to increase the amount of website traffic and online leads and conversions, there is so much more to know about marketing in fixed operations. 

Additional Resources for Fixed Operations


Fixed ops marketing providers like FixedOPS Marketing manage all of your service marketing for you, automatically, with little-to-no work on your part. However, while you’re on the hunt for more valuable information on service marketing, check out these free downloadable guides:

The Service Director’s Guide to Increased Profitability (Includes a Budget Template with Automatic Formulas

How to Hire and Retain Service Advisors in the Automotive Talent Drought

10 Tips to Increase Service Department Profitability

Increase the Profitability of Your Service Technicians

Lastly, every FixedOPS Marketing client receives access to our free HTML email builder and library that you can use directly with your CRM. We design the campaigns and enable you to use your videos and specials in every email. These take about 30 seconds to make, saving you all the time you’d otherwise spend designing, building, testing these service emails. If you have any questions or would like to see a free 15 minute online demo, contact us! We are happy to help!

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Contact us at marketing@fixedopsmarketing.com and we’ll help you with any questions that you may have with your service marketing needs and concerns.

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