How To Get More Consumers into Your Service Center
Along with valuable industry statistics, this article discusses ways to get more customers into your service department and offers marketing ideas for dealerships that are effective and affordable.

How To Get More Customers into Your Service Center

Dealerships now more than ever are focused on getting customers into their service centers. But there are barriers to getting feet in the door. 70% of consumers who purchased or leased from a dealer did not return for service in the past year. How can dealerships change that?

When customers are going through the scheduling process, dealerships should provide cost estimates to alleviate the misconception of dealership service departments being more expensive than third-party service providers. By creating a transparent and trustworthy customer experience, dealers can increase the odds of getting customers back in for service appointments.

Keep a record of your customer car purchasing information and send them regular reminders to service and maintain their vehicles. This is especially important for common maintenance services that appeal to all car buyers.

A Word on Tires

Tires can bring customers into your service center. 15% of vehicles in the service drive need tires. 75% of consumers purchase tires from the first person who makes a recommendation. 78% of consumers maintain their vehicle at the place where they purchased tires. 40% of customers are aware that the dealership sells tires. It’s important to educate your customers on all the services that you offer. 60% of customers are unaware that dealerships offer services like tires. 80% of these same customers have indicated that they would be likely to purchase tires from the dealership, making it even more important to inform your customers. How can dealerships educate their customers?

Here are some beneficial suggestions:

  • Set up a tire display in clear view of “good”, “better”, and “best” tire selection options.
  • Create a comparison price chart with clear specifications to include in the display.
  • Install a tire-wear chart and point of sale signage as well.
  • Offer value-added items such as a road hazard policy and tire rotations.
  • Provide detailed service specials clearly on your website (preferably with video content that educates consumers on the features and benefits of tire wear, repair and replacement).
  • Educate your customers on any service specials, discounts, or loyalty programs that your dealership offers.

As customers visit your service center for common services like tires, offer them a free vehicle inspection, complete with pricing. And, don’t forget to tell them to visit your service specials page on your website – complete with embedded video content in each coupon – to watch the videos and see if they are interested in any additional services while they wait.

Let’s Discuss Service Specials

Service specials are our specialty here at FixedOPS Marketing! This section will be a bit “salesy” for a moment, but it’s excellent advice. Let’s discuss how you can capitalize on services by using affordable, effective, modern coupons.

How to best utilize our service specials:

  • Encourage your customers to view the videos and discounts on your service specials page while they are waiting to get their vehicle serviced. The videos help to educate them on why each service is important and the discounts could easily lead to additional lines per RO.
  • Present the service special videos in an ongoing stream in your waiting room on a big screen television. All of the video content created by FixedOPS Marketing can be viewed with or without sound. Your guests will watch the videos while they wait.
  • Send the videos to your customers via email or text. If they are staring down at their phones while they wait then they’ll surely click and watch on their devices. And you’re also giving them content to consume now or later.
  • Post the video content on your company’s social media pages every day, featuring a specific special each day. 65% of customers who took their vehicle in for service first heard about the service center they visited through online video marketing.
  • Share a featured special on your social media pages each day. Educate your consumers on all of your current specials and discounts, and also on all the services you offer.
  • Present all of your services in the form of specials on your service specials page. This educates your customers, as well as informs them of all of your available services and the prices, proving your dealership’s commitment to trust and transparency. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to manage all of your specials yourself – we do it for you!)
  • Strengthen your partnerships with Wynn’s, BG, Mopar, and MOC by offering their branded service special content on your website. You can see a demo here. Their video content is a great resource to use in your marketing.
  • Market the coupons and videos in your marketing materials. If you have a mailer, include a featured special. Do you send out e-newsletters? Include a video and a special. If not, you now have quality content – created for you – to easily put together a simple monthly newsletter.
  • Take advantage of paid advertising. Paid search is imperative for dealerships. Now, you have a fully functional webpage, full of content, complete with a call to action, to get more feet through your doors.
  • Embrace mobile marketing. Send your service specials and video content directly into the hands of your customers through text messaging. Nearly 100% of text messages are opened and read.
  • Make it seasonal. Your service specials can easily coincide with the seasons, events, holidays, current news, and more.

There are unlimited ways to make the most use of your service specials. And it is all very affordable. Service specials start at just $399. You can see them here.

Now that we’ve discussed service specials, let’s quickly detour to…


Dealers continue to struggle with retaining customers after their warranty has expired. 6 in 10 service visits conducted at the dealership is by customers with a current warranty. 3 in 10 visits are from customers with an expired warranty. It’s important to note these statistics.

What can dealerships do to get more customers, with warranties and without, in their doors? Keep in contact with the customers who have visited your service center or purchased a vehicle from your dealership in the past. Send them reminders at regular intervals, either via email or regular mail. Remind them when it’s time for standard services.

Maintenance and Repair at the Dealership Decreases Over Time

After a customer purchases a vehicle at a dealership, their maintenance and repair visits decline year after year of ownership:

  • 80% of maintenance and repair in year 1 of vehicle ownership is done at the dealership
  • 71% of maintenance and repair in year 2 of vehicle ownership is done at the dealership
  • 65% of maintenance and repair in year 3 of vehicle ownership is done at the dealership
  • 60% of maintenance and repair in year 4 of vehicle ownership is done at the dealership
  • And 56% of maintenance and repair in year 5 of vehicle ownership is done at the dealership

How do dealerships improve these numbers? It takes time and commitment to keep your service center in the minds of your customers. Keeping a CRM, sending out regular reminders, offering specials and discounts, and keeping in touch with past customers is key to returning visits.

There is some good news…

A Quick Word about Do-It-Yourselfers

Since vehicles are increasingly more complicated and computerized, fewer owners are “do-it-yourself” mechanics. Less and less people are purchasing parts and accessories and installing them in their garages. Most owners prefer their vehicle to be serviced by professionals. This is good news for service departments.

The future is full of owners who are keeping their vehicles longer, prefering to service them rather than purchase a new one. And with evolving complexity in technology, service centers are going to be as important than ever to dealerships.

We encourage you to implement the advice suggested in this article. We hope it helps your marketing erupt, your service centers fill, and your customers return. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Sources: Cox Automotive, AAA, Car Care Council, NADA

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