July 2020 Newsletter
Service and parts specials have for too long been ineffective or non-existent at attracting customers and increasing lines per RO. We're providing a simple, affordable, advanced solution.

Solutions for Service Managers to Increase Revenue and Lines Per RO. 

Service and parts specials have for too long been ineffective or non-existent at attracting customers and increasing lines per RO. We’re providing a simple, affordable, advanced solution.

  • NEW PRODUCT! ADVANTAGE+ – Get embedded video content into your service specials for one low price!
  • COMING SOON! PERFORMANCE. FixedOPS Marketing’s latest service and parts product!

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NEW! Great Price: ADVANTAGE+

An effective automotive marketing couponing solution that engages and converts clients for dealership and independent service departments, with the benefit of embedded videos.

See a live demo here: https://demo.fixedopsmarketing.com/advantage-2/

NEW! PERFORMANCE Service Specials

FixedOPS Marketing’s new PERFORMANCE package is launching soon! All service specials will come with video, as well search and filters, form integration on landing pages, call-to-actions, banner slideshows, a featured video and more!

See a semi-live demo here: https://demo.fixedopsmarketing.com/performance-preview/

This is Why Summer Travel Will Be Important for Dealerships During COVID-19

Your customers are preparing for summer travel. Russell B. Hill explains why that’s important for dealership service departments. 

Growing Your Fixed Ops Revenue Using Your Dealer Website

With over 3 million car sales lost in the last 3 months, it’s time to prepare your dealership for any economic crisis by unleashing the potential of your fixed ops department. Revolution Parts co-wrote this piece with FixedOPS Marketing. Check it out!

Growing Your Fixed Ops Revenue Using Your Dealer Website

Summer Travel Service Special during COVID19

Service department customers are less likely to be flying in airplanes this summer due to the COVID pandemic. More and more will be servicing their vehicles for summer travels. 

Give them what they are looking for: A summer service coupon! The summer road trip checklist coupon is fully customizable and offers your customers five ways to convert

The summer special comes with a free homepage and landing page banner, getting customers to your specials page easily. 

Summer roadtrip checklist


The best product at the best price. 

Choose your favorite design and then submit the poll!

It’s time to start creating new service special designs and we’d like your input! Choose the design that you like the most and we’ll build the most popular!

Choose your favorite design and then submit the poll

New developments are happening all the time. 

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