February 2020 Newsletter
View the FixedOPS Marketing February 2020 Newsletter for our latest updates on technology developed for service specials and coupons.

Beware of monotony; it’s the mother of all the deadly sins.

By now, you’re aware of the launch of the most modern, effective service special coupons that exist today, but did you know they’d be this popular?

(P.S. We manage them for you too!)

25 new customers in first 25 days

Landing pages never looked so good.

Say goodbye to boring, stale, old-fashioned, or even nonexistent service specials. Say HELLO to the best service special landing pages in our PERFORMANCE product and the most streamlined service specials in our ADVANTAGE product platform.

Gold maintenance package

If you’re stuck with service specials that look like this…

Then, we are very sad for you.

Try the best service specials in the automotive business!

For a very limited time, we are hosting a special offer! Purchase ADVANTAGE by April 1, 2020 and we’ll waive the set-up fee! We know you’ll love the conversions on our modern offers!

Above and beyond regular service specials

Search by mileage, offer category, brand; watch branded videos, get directions and maps, offer your customers six ways to contact you with our ADVANTAGE and PERFORMANCE product platforms.

Now you’re looking good and giving your customers what they really want to see!

Check out a live demo of ADVANTAGE!


It’s easy. It’s fast. It beats the rest.

Check out the video demo.

New developments are happening all the time.

Come be a partner with the FixedOPS Marketing team!


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To change an industry, you need BIG IDEAS. Our ideas are HUGE, and our goal is nothing less than completely shattering people’s ideas of what is possible with Service Marketing, and showing them products and solutions that will exceed all expectations while driving your revenue and profit through the roof. Come take a ride with us – this is going to be a fun journey!

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