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Brookshire Hyundai

Jeff Burket - Fixed Operations Director


Prior to becoming a partner with FixedOPS Marketing in February 2020, Affinity Auto Group and its dealerships had no marketing solution. Brookshire Hyundai and its sister dealerships had a real issue with not being able to send email marketing reminders for missed appointments, upcoming appointments, monthly service specials, service-needed reminders, among others. However, their biggest concern was not being able to communicate to the customer the importance of denied services. This caused the dealerships a lot of lost revenue.

FixedOPS Marketing helped us run the biggest ROI campaign we’ve ever run: The Roadtrip Special. We got amazing traction out of it.

Jeff Burket - Brookshire Hyundai

Proposed Solution

Affinity Auto Group needed an automated solution that the service directors could implement quickly and easily. They needed to automatically send out emails and text messages that had consistent artwork, from the website to the email, to the text message. But they didn’t want to have to spend time on their own graphic design. FixedOPS Marketing’s ADVANTAGE+ product would enable all the service managers to determine their own specials and communicate those specials to customers on a predifined schedule, taking extra weight off managers.

Goals and Results

FixedOPS Marketing created and designed all of their service specials, a seasonal banner, and made sure each special had an embedded educational video.

Prior to this, the dealer website was unusable. Once implemented, the specials pages began to drive traffic to the website. Not only were customers using the specials, they were finding the service specials pages organically. It began to make an enormous impact on conversion rates and filling service bays.

“No dealership has ever gotten the service specials page right. Now that it’s right, it’s been incredible,” - Jeff Burket

Brookshire Hyundai now enjoys conversion rates that grew from 0% to an average of 19% a month.


Increased monthly conversions


Monthly unique visitors


Monthly views

Tom Peacock Nissan

William Miller - Fixed Operations Director


Prior to becoming a partner with FixedOPS Marketing in March 2020, Tom Peacock struggled to find a reputable fixed ops marketing vendor that offered a creative solution that wasn’t generic. Tom Peacock wanted a variety of services marketed, not just a templated tool that everyone else had, that looked professional. It was also important that the company be able to target specific audiences in creative ways at a low cost. They did not want to sign a lengthy agreement to later find out that the service itself didn’t offer creativity or look professional.

We’ve had a 23% increase in online conversions since we started using FixedOPS Marketing!

William Miller - Tom Peacock Nissan

Proposed Solution

After contacting FixedOPS Marketing and seeing the 15 minute demo, the dealership was eager to try on the service specials. They didn’t have to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment, so the risk was low. After setup, the dealership easily implemented their service specials, with the descriptions and fine print they wanted. After being with FixedOPS Marketing for some time, they were happy enough with the original product, that they also signed up to receive PERFORMANCE, a new product that offers filters, videos, categories, SEO, Google My Business and more.

Goals and Results

There were specific requests that this dealership really wanted in a fixed ops marketing tool. They wanted automation, but also the freedom to market their services with their own branding and messaging. They wanted customers to be able to convert in many different ways. They wanted to be able to use video as a sales and education tool.

More than anything, the dealership wanted to be perceived as professional because they knew that if their service website looked bad, customers would assume the service center was bad as well.

After several months, the dealership took a look at their conversion rates and were shocked to find 37% conversion rates in September 2020 and 49% conversion rates in August 2020, up 23%!

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Increased conversions


Monthly unique visitors


Monthly views



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