Michael Drexel, Fixed Ops Director at Ancira Auto Group, San Antonio, Texas, is responsible for 53 service employees in the 9-store dealership group. As with any Fixed Ops Manager, his most common challenges always fall under the three pillars: People, Process, and Profit. 

Increasing RO, conversions and Leads with FixedOPS Marketing

A common problem for many service departments is not having visibility at all into their conversions, leads or reporting. This was no different for Ancira. In the past, Ancira would have static images on their service landing pages and they didn’t know who or if anyone was converting (likely not).

Ancira was aware that their click through rates were less than 10%, but they never knew if customers booked an appointment for any particular service.

Since Ancira has implemented FixedOPS Marketing’s service solution, Michael Drexel now gets a notification every time someone converts on the service website. Conversion rates that were under 10% are now at 30% month after month. During the first 30 minutes of our conversation, 18 leads had come into the store.

I’m surprised that we have such a good reaction. Was I losing those people before? What message were we sending before? I don’t know because I didn’t have the feedback. But now I know. In just about 30 minutes, we’ve received 18 leads!
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There’s a misconception that “service specials” are strictly meant to be discounted services and loss leaders. This is untrue. Michael Drexel uses his service specials at regular prices – full prices. The point is to do other things with your service specials to build value and empower your team.

success after implementation

Another common problem was the question of how does the service department get the service content on the website into the hands of customers?

Turns out, it’s as simple as informing the customer. Michael Drexel takes a very proactive approach by sending customers service video reminders the day before. Because of this, the conversation has been started before the customer arrives for their service appointment.

When a service is offered on the service website, Ancira will receive a 60% or more increase in that service. Just by opening the conversation and communicating with the customer before their visit, during their visit and after their service visit, Ancira is increasing advertised services by 60%+.

We like to empower our Service Advisors to communicate with the customer by offering information that provides value to the customer.


We are forcing our customers to go someplace else - like an independent service center - by not positively educating them and providing them information about needed services. We are doing our customers a disservice. When you start the conversation 24 hours before, you empower your staff to feel comfortable upselling customers, and you’d be surprised how many people say “yes.”


In late 2021, the Ancira Auto Group ran a competition amongst the nine dealerships. For every alignment, the Group would donate $10 to the San Antonio Food Bank. Michael Drexel was leading the 4th largest store in the group, one without alignment check machines, and one with RO less than ⅓ that of the larger dealerships. They were the underdogs, but willing to accept the challenge! 

The strategy he implemented was to use our service specials to send information on needed alignments to the customers prior to their appointment. The conversation was then started 24 hours before, which made it easier for Service Advisors to approach the topic in-person. Advisors were then able to begin the conversation with each customer by asking if they’d received the text that was sent and ask if they’d like to get an alignment. 

In conclusion, Michael and his dealership team won with 292 alignments sold. The next closest winner had 560 more repair orders and Michael and his team oversold them by 75 alignments, and remember, they didn’t even have an alignment check machine!

I attribute our success to forward-thinking and how effective our service marketing is at providing value to our customers.



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