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Service marketing is desperately behind industry-wide. Let us help guide you, with the support of Fixed Ops Mastermind, in showing you what service marketing looks like in the digital age and how it should work for your service center.

WHAT: We are seeing service web pages convert at an average of 20%. You can too. We’ll show you how. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how we are accomplishing 20% conversion rates and improving overall the service marketing for our clients, and how you can be a 20%er too.

WHERE: Register for free to attend online.

WHEN: October 21, 2020 at 11:00AM Pacific time


WHO: Webinar host Fixed Ops Mastermind presents Russell B. Hill, Managing Partner at Fixed Ops Marketing. Read more about Russell B. Hill.

21st Century Service Marketing After COVID

Only 20% of customers are made aware of fixed ops services, which brings the question: How are your customers being made aware of your service specials? Are they aware of any service specials you offer that show appreciation for frontline responders or other COVID-related services?

One complaint that we often hear from service directors is that service marketing (if service managers have it at all) is not visually consistent from website to email, to text message. Therefore, customers often don’t realize the branding that they are seeing is all the same dealership. We’ll discuss why this is important and what you can do about it.

Not spending marketing dollars in the service department is a common mistake of many dealerships. Why not reserve a specific and significant amount of marketing dollars to the department that brings in the most revenue? This is one of the many mistakes that dealerships make and we’ll cover why this is important and what service managers can do to correct it.

The juxtaposition of archaic service marketing vs. what is available today is night and day. We’ll show you some examples of what modern marketing looks like and accomplishes and provide you with unbiased solutions to bring your marketing into the 21st century and rank higher on Google search results without using paid advertising.

Not getting high website traffic or conversion rates is another top complaint we hear from service managers and directors. We’ll show you through dealership reports that are active right now how your service manager can easily expect an average of 20% conversion rates, 18% higher than the national average for dealerships.

We’ll go through the importance of automation and what benefits you’ll receive from automating your marketing in the long-term, as well as how you can market your premium services to increase your lines per RO.

With the support of Fixed Ops Mastermind, Russell B. Hill, Managing Partner of FixedOPS Marketing, will share a bit of his resilient journey and how he’s found success in fixed ops, plus much more.

Fixed Ops Mastermind offers FREE registration to attend the Wednesday webinars. Join us in attending this webinar!

If you can’t make this webinar, join us on the next webinar on October 28th at 11:00AM PT where we’ll discuss: 15 Service Marketing Mistakes and Misconceptions.

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