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Your customers are already looking at their screens, both desktop and mobile. Video should be the preferred method of conveying information and offering your services. The customer wants to be educated without time wasted

Forward Thinking:

How To Adapt Your Service Center Strategy and Overcome COVID19

Thousands of businesses face challenges in keeping their doors open due to COVID19-related financial problems. Thankfully, the automobile is essential to the lives of Americans everywhere and car dealerships have gotten by. To adapt and even thrive in these changing times, FixedOps Marketing can help you see where your advantages are as a dealership – you have the sales, we’ll bring the marketing. 

In the haze COVID19 created around what “business as usual” means now, a couple things are certain. First responders and regular individuals still need to go to the grocery store and get around. Transportation by private automobile has become the preference to avoid the virus.  Sales of new cars continue to improve, only off in July by about 4% compared to pre-virus forecasts. And getting service done on those vehicles is still essential. 

What did change? Consumers have gravitated towards digital and multi-channel shopping options, they’re looking for more value, and have an increased awareness of how businesses interact with their customers and local communities. The emphasis is on transparency and trust, and that trend is here to stay. 

The time is right to examine operations and the ways in which you leverage your service centers. A major focus should be on how you’re reaching customers in a new consumer landscape. How do you know what to expect? According to McKinsey & Company, most categories in consumer spending have already seen a 10-30% growth in their online customer base. This means meeting the customer where they are – on their digital devices. 

Your customers are already looking at their screens, both desktop and mobile. Video should be the preferred method of conveying information and offering your services. The customer wants to be educated without time wasted. You want to build their trust. Video is a win-win! It tells more in less time than just description. Plus, the more time the customer gives your service website page, the more likely they’ll become engaged with the options given to them, and come in for service. 

Fixing cars is your expertise. Ours is bringing in your customers. FixedOps Marketing’s Performance Package delivers video web coupons and landing pages that explain to the customer why and when they need your services. Each coupon has five methods of tracking their request to get the customer into the service center. Customers choose to text, email, or print it, call you, or schedule an appointment using your form. We want to help you move away from traditional and ineffective mailers to utilizing proven web coupons and landing pages as central pillars for your marketing efforts. 

Right now, how do you convey the value of your services to customers? Web coupons address this concern head on; ours additionally focus on creating the value proposition where others do not. With a large variety of service coupons, there’s something for everyone. And what about the familiar challenge of getting more lines per RO? With our promotional coupons specifically designed to convert your customers, you’ll do just that and increase your profits. 

You keep upselling the customers, we’ll get them interested. We are here to drive your success. FixedOps Marketing has the ability for personalization based on how you connect with your customers and do business. Take Tom Peacock Nissan, for example, who have more than doubled their appointments over the previous year in May, June, and July. Their service director reports customer pay has increased over the previous year, in spite of COVID19. With embedded video and a way to text or email our coupons to your customers, you could take a page out of their book and send the video coupons to your customers while they’re right there in your waiting room. This method is extremely effective and has greatly increased profitability for Tom Peacock Nissan. 

Despite the present challenges posed by COVID19, automotive service will always be an essential industry. Now more than ever, people want to care for their vehicles. We’ll fully manage your service center marketing from coupons to reporting. FixedOps Marketing will help you reach more customers and convey your expertise, so you can keep doing what you do best. 

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