COVID-19 and Service Department Marketing
While COVID-19 is still a concern, it’s noted that nearly 50% of dealerships believe they’ll resume business as normal within a few months. Now is the time to implement and maximize your online marketing efforts, especially in service.

Keep Your Service Customers Safe During the Summer Travel Months

Roughly eight months have passed and COVID-19 is still weighing heavily on dealerships, service centers, businesses, and even the upcoming school year. However, this hasn’t stopped summer travel, but it has changed how people are traveling. Due to the fear of being in close quarters with other travelers, many people are deciding to drive to their summer destinations this year. This change in transportation behavior is making it more important for service centers to provide clean, sanitized and disinfected car care services. 

According to recent data from RevolutionParts, the marketplace leader in online parts selling solutions, parts sales have increased daily by an average of 48% – despite a decline of $41 billion in vehicle sales during the COVID pandemic.

The data released is part of an infographic that RevolutionParts has published that highlights trends in the automotive industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The infographic states that, despite a 34% drop in individual vehicle sales and a 40% decrease in service order repairs, parts and accessories have seen a sizable uptick in not only sales, but general interest. 

And, other trends are evolving as well. Over the COVID-period thus far, the number of people even willing to physically enter the dealership has decreased significantly. According to Cox Automotive, 55% of customers now say that they are not willing to visit the dealership in-person. This highlights the importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy, which includes service specials and video marketing, meant to educate consumers on the safety and necessity of servicing and maintaining their vehicles during the pandemic. 

Even service departments are feeling the struggle. According to Cox Automotive, 29% of consumers plan to postpone service/repair work for fear of exposure to COVID-19. To overcome this challenge, exceed customer expectations and cut out the competition by offering at-home services like vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs. We offer some additional suggestions that will help your digital marketing strategy below.  

Dealerships are now offering precautions and your customers need to know about them. Make sure that your customers are aware of the antibacterial treatments that you offer, the precautions you take to keep them safe, and the lengths that you’re willing to go to in order to return their vehicle back to them disinfected. Make sure this messaging is clear in your digital and print marketing. 

To help service centers ease their customer’s concerns about exposure when coming into dealerships to repair and maintain their vehicles, Russell B. Hill, Managing Partner of FixedOPS Marketing, suggests offering the following service specials to your customers:

  1. Thank medical responders working on the frontlines. Show your thanks to those working on the frontlines, risking their health and life in the fight against Coronavirus. Express your appreciation by offering a savings or discount on their next service visit. 
  2. Offer free pick-up and delivery. Accept remote payment. Be clear that your service department is staying open to service your customer’s vehicles. Offer to pick-up their vehicle, complete the service, and return the vehicle clean and sanitized.
  3. Offer microbial protection (from the reseller partner of your choice). Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens collect on the surfaces of the vehicle. An antibacterial treatment removes 99% of microbes from the A/C and heating system, as well as on all the surfaces of the vehicle. Offer your customers an environmentally-friendly, scent-free, hospital-grade cleaning that lasts and is safe for all vehicle passengers. 
  4. Don’t forget a summer road trip special. Since many of your customers are going to be traveling by car this summer, make sure you keep them safe and prepared for the drive ahead. A full vehicle inspection at a great price will surely get more customers into your service bays. 

See the online demo of these service specials with video integration here:

While COVID-19 is still a concern, it’s noted that nearly 50% of dealerships believe they’ll resume business as normal within a few months. Now is the time to implement and maximize your online marketing efforts, especially in service. Communicate and connect with your customers during these challenging times to let them know that you’re still open for business and are prepared. 

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