How Russell B. Hill’s “Burning Bush” Experience Sent Him On A Path To Success

An inspiring and enlightening conversation with Russell B. Hill of FixedOPS Marketing on The Multi-Point Inspection podcast!

Russell B. Hill on

The Multi-Point Inspection Podcast

with Brandon Barnett

At the time of this episode’s production, host Brandon Barnett was in the middle of re-watching his favorite television show of all time–LOST.
And once you get past all the mysteries that the show throws at you, you realize that at its core, LOST is a show about redemption and the relationships that we make along the way. The main characters are seemingly, hopelessly flawed in some way or another, but all come to a fork in the road–a pivot point, and they eventually make the right choice in order to save the world from darkness.
And as good as the writers were on LOST, Brandon doesn’t think that EVEN THEY could write a better story of redemption than Russell B. Hill’s.

Russell B. Hill overcame dropping out of junior high school, addiction and prison to become a leader in the automotive industry.

What We Talk About:

  • Being On The Run/Danny Hoyt
  • Early Life/Battling Addiction/Dropping Out Of School/Prison
  • Ending It All/Burning Bush Experience
  • The Millionaire Mentor Building Businesses Leading Up To Fixed Ops Marketing
  • What Fixed Ops Marketing Does
  • WTF?
  • Paradigm Shift With Dealerships and Fixed Ops/Transparency
  • Keep On Dreaming and Doing
  • Danny Hoyt Story Conclusion
Wastelander: Left For Dead
Reveille- In Your Head
Tiger Gang-Peacock Prowl
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