Is Your Dealership Competitive in the Tire Wars?
Dealerships now have the opportunity to be competitive in the tire war by using trust and transparency to build a loyal customer base. We can help.

Is Your Dealership Competitive in the Tire Wars?

According to FixedOPS Magazine, the tire wars are on!

Dealers have had less than 10% share of the tire replacement market for more than 20 years. Competitors like quick lubes are taking the market share and dealers have allowed it. Now dealerships desperately need the business and have a chance to sell a low margin product in high volume. Dealerships have the resources and customer base to take over the tire business, making aftermarket sellers nervous.

Tires are a huge retention tool for dealerships and service departments can benefit from taking advantage of it. But change starts at the top with Parts and Service Managers.

The three most important things consumers look for is trust, convenience, and price. The presumption that service centers are more expensive can erode trust, when most of the time dealerships offer a higher quality product. We have to communicate this to customers.

Get more website traffic and conversions.

The key is to provide information, disclosure and transparency to your customers in order to build trust and loyalty. We can help you do that through service specials that offer complete descriptions, video assets that educate your customers, and multiple points of conversion, making convenience front and center.*

So, how will we help you get more website traffic and more customers in your service bays? By providing modern, effective service specials that can be marketed in a multitude of ways.

Our service specials include:

  • A full description of the service
  • Video marketing that educates the consumer on the importance of the service
  • A list of service inclusions
  • A “Get Directions” map
  • Options to save the coupon by text, phone, email, online form, or print
  • Dealership branding and contact information
  • Multiple landing pages and opportunities for conversions
  • Fully customizable
  • Seasonal Offers
  • Schedule Online
  • Call Tracking
  • OEM Offers
  • Auto Renewal
  • Reporting

Best of all, we manage it for you!

Tire wars

We’ve taken often neglected, ineffective service specials and created the best, most effective coupon solution available.

Keep your customers in the know with embedded videos.

How else can you market your service specials?

Don’t just let your service specials sit on your website. If you have the best coupon solution out there, then use them to your advantage! 

  • Encourage your customers to view the videos and discounts on your service specials page while they are waiting to get their vehicle serviced. The videos help to educate them on why each service is important and the discounts could easily lead to additional lines per RO.
  • Present the service special videos in an ongoing stream in your waiting room on a big screen television. All of the video content created by FixedOPS Marketing can be viewed with or without sound. Your guests will watch the videos while they wait.
  • Send the videos to your customers via email or text. If they are staring down at their phones while they wait then they’ll surely click and watch on their devices. And you’re also giving them content to consume now or later.
  • Post the video content on your company’s social media pages every day, featuring a specific special each day. 65% of customers who took their vehicle in for service first heard about the service center they visited through online video marketing.
  • Share a featured special on your social media pages each day. Educate your consumers on all of your current specials and discounts, and also on all the services you offer.
  • Present all of your services in the form of specials on your service specials page. This educates your customers, as well as informs them of all of your available services and the prices, proving your dealership’s commitment to trust and transparency. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to manage all of your specials yourself – we do it for you!)
  • Strengthen your partnerships with Wynn’s, BG, Mopar, and MOC by offering their branded service special content on your website. You can see a demo here. Their video content is a great resource to use in your marketing.
  • Market the coupons and videos in your marketing materials. If you have a mailer, include a featured special. Do you send out e-newsletters? Include a video and a special. If not, you now have quality content – created for you – to easily put together a simple monthly newsletter.
  • Take advantage of paid advertising. Paid search is imperative for dealerships. Now, you have a fully functional webpage, full of content, complete with a call to action, to get more feet through your doors.
  • Embrace mobile marketing. Send your service specials and video content directly into the hands of your customers through text messaging. Nearly 100% of text messages are opened and read.
  • Make it seasonal. Your service specials can easily coincide with the seasons, events, holidays, current news, and more.

Contact us for more ideas on how to get the most leverage out of your service specials.

Want to learn more stats about tires and tire wars? 

*Thank you to FixedOPS Magazine for providing some of the content in this article.

Take a look at the live demo and then contact us to hear about our specials. No obligation. No contract. Best product at the best price. Start getting more traffic and conversions today.

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