NADA 2023 Workshop: How Electric Vehicles will Change Fixed Operations

NADA 2023 Workshop: How Electric Vehicles will Change Fixed Operations

We're offering a workshop at NADA 2023: How Electric Vehicles will Change Fixed Operations! Join us January 27 or 28 at 10:30!

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How Electric Vehicles will Change Fixed Operations

National Automobile Dealers Association 2023


Russell Hill


From sales, to management, to entrepreneurship, Russell B. Hill has been in automotive for over 37 years. He’s both an expert in sales, as well as a voice for inspiration and movement in automotive. 

Russell is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of FixedOPS Marketing, as well as the Host of What the Fixed Ops?! Podcast.

In late 2019, Russell joined forces with Rick Eckert to launch FixedOPS Marketing, a new technology company specializing in increasing service visits while increasing revenue per RO through videos.

Charity Prater-Dunning


For nearly twenty years, Charity has been building and growing marketing departments across many industries, such as automotive, real estate, legal, and hospitality. She’s a “full stack” marketing expert and the first hire at FixedOPS Marketing.

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, she has helped to build and grow the marketing department.

Charity is also the Co-Host of the automotive podcast: What the Fixed Ops?! where automotive experts of all types are invited on to talk about their experience, wisdom, and automotive journey.

Do You Know How Electric Vehicles will Impact Fixed Operations?

We know it’s on the horizon. The signs are there. EV is coming and it’s coming big. How will dealership service centers remain profitable in the era of electric vehicles? Perhaps more forebodingly: Will fixed ops departments be necessary in the future at all? 

In this session, we’ll discuss the ways in which fixed ops departments can – and will – compete as electric vehicles dominate our roads. We’ll cover the current data, the probability of EV domination, and review some trouble areas affected by the electric industry.

There are key success metrics in any business, including automotive. Consider customer service and loyalty. The value that your customer’s place on customer service and the value they have in your brand will result in a direct proportion of returning customers. We’ll cover why this is true and the data that supports it.

Fixed ops needs a counter plan in order to adapt and maintain market share. In this, we’ll discuss the necessary range of services that will remain a source of revenue for the service department, such as batteries, tires, and accident repairs. 

Lastly, finding properly-trained and reputable staff today is harder than ever. We’ll cover why focusing on retention and hiring will be an invaluable asset to the survival and success of your service center in the age of electric vehicles.

Join us at our NADA 2023 presentation: How Electric Vehicles will Change Fixed Operations. We’ll explore the data, the good news, and the bad news. 

Join us!

WHEN: Friday, 1/27/2023


TIME: 10:30-11:30

ROOM: D174 


WHEN: Saturday, 1/28/2023


TIME: 10:30-11:30

ROOM: C146

National Automobile Dealers Association 2023

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S. Griffin St., Dallas, TX 75202

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