Paid Ads are Changing the Game in Service Marketing

Paid Ads are replacing expensive and ineffective mailers. Hill Country Honda in San Antonio is seeing huge growth in their weekday service business.

Hill Country Honda Sees HUGE Service Gains with Paid Ads

And So Can You

Hill Country Honda in San Antonio, Texas has seen huge growth in their weekday service revenue by utilizing targeted paid ads. “We were busy on the weekends, but midweek it’d slow to a crawl,” says Brand Manager, Aaron Garcia.
While weekends were bustling with activity, the middle of the week saw a significant decline.

A longtime, FixedOPS Marketing client, Garcia along with Service Director, Raheel Shaukat reached out to try and find a solution. And in very quick order the did. By reallocating a budget of $2700, initially used for sales mailers, they invested in a paid ads campaign focused on service. FixedOPS Marketing devised an innovative strategy that included targeted search display, remarketing, and Facebook ads, all centered around a unique, fun and enticing theme: “Happy Hour.”

People understand ‘Happy Hour’ is a time to save money. Other marketing companies use ads that don’t mean anything to anybody. No one cares about $9.95 oil changes. Those customers don’t turn into returning customers.”
– Raheel Shaukat

The results were immediate. Within just two weeks, the service department witnessed an incredible 599 conversions at an impressive 31.49% conversion rate! This marked the best month the dealership had ever experienced. As a result of the successful campaign, the service drive remained busy throughout the weekday, the main parking lot overflowed, phones rang off the hook, and the technicians were happy with the increased workload.


Avg. Monthly Conversions




CPL (Cost-per-Lead)

Hill Country Honda now expects a 15% increase in customer pay gross over the next three months, along with more targeted ads and enhanced service effectiveness.

And so can you! Is your service department lacking in weekeday business and cluttered with customers looking for cheap oil changes on the weekends? FixedOPS Marketing can help. Read the full case study and use the links below to schedule a consultation today.

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