Yaron Saghiv from UVeye on What the Fixed Ops?! NADA 2023 Special Edition

We hear some exciting news about UVeye and partnerships at the 2023 NADA from Yaron Saghiv, the Chief Marketing Officer.

What the Fixed Ops?! Special Edition

Yaron Saghiv with UVeye

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 2023

Yaron Saghiv is the Chief Marketing Officer of UVeye! They create these really cool automated vehicle inspection systems that inspect the vehicle in minutes. It’s amazing what these guys do! No need for a lift!

AND, UVeye has partnered with CarMax, which is really exciting – We hear what other exciting news is coming from the company!

Russell Hill

Russell B. Hill

Charity Prater-Dunning

Charity Dunning

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