2024 - Meet Your Customers Where They're At! Download the Guidebook
2024 - Meet Your Customers Where They're At! Download the Guidebook

The expectations of the new fixed ops customer has changed… FAST. Their expectations have changed from just a few years ago. To stay ahead, we must adapt. 

The biggest secret? It’s not nearly as hard as you might think! Discover how to elevate your website, leverage social media platforms, harness the power of video, and ride the wave of paid ads – all in one quick and easy guide.

If you’re ready to not only meet but exceed customer expectations while boosting your dealership’s bottom line, then this guide is for you. Download now.

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Simple SEO Strategies

Get ranked #1 in Google's organic
search with simple SEO
optimization tools.

Compete with Paid Ads

Don't let Independent Service Centers outcompete you. How to out-compete the competition!

The Power of Video

Video makes up 80% of consumed content online. Easy, simple video solutions for fixed ops.

Fake AI, Real Automation

Should you jump on the AI bandwagon? We tell you about AI tricks and the benefits of automation.

Speak Their Language

57 million people in the USA speak Spanish. This is how we can capture those customers.

20%+ conversion rates

FixedOPS Marketing offers a complete, hands-off digital marketing solution for fixed operations, built with modern technology, using the highest-converting tools, and labeled as “the best decision ever made” by Fixed Ops Directors. We’re the solution to your incomplete, underwhelming or nonexistent digital marketing. We prove it works. 

Find out why we're called

"The best decision every made" by Fixed Ops Directors

We’ve modernized fixed ops departments by changing the way we think about fixed operations. We fill a hole that no one else can.

Our hands-off solutions live within and enhance your website, run 24x7x365, are fully automated, and are compatible on any device. We manage all of it for you, send out reporting automatically, and reach out to you monthly to review results and suggest offers. A fully-functioning admin is always available to you.

Dealers see avg. 20%+ (often much higher) conversion rates, an increase in organic traffic, and more lines per RO. No logins or passwords required. We’ll prove it works!



A simple and effective marketing solution for fixed operations that engages and converts customers with modern conversion tools.


A simple and effective video marketing solution for fixed operations that engages and converts customers with modern conversion tools.


A complete digital marketing platform for fixed operations, which includes video marketing, SEO, landing pages, Google My Business integration, and email marketing templates.


Prestige - Custom Dealership Videos in Minutes

PRESTIGE is the most comprehensive, interconnected, and personalized video marketing platform available to car dealerships with unlimited customized, dealership-branded offer videos, and automatic integration with Facebook and YouTube.

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